CHOUJIN's first "Power/Throw Type" character. Being a DBZ char, he is still much quicker than most other power chars from other games.
Being a completely mechanical Android, different effects and "robotic" sound effects were used to distinguish from the other characters.
Since the Big and Small portraits were used from a different game than the other characters' they may seem a little strange in comparison.

Though the move's name is from Butoden's charge attack, this
"Hurricane Crash" is a command throw that spins in the air 

The move that was used against Cell, a Hell's Flash shot towards
the ground. The move feels similar to Goenitz's "Kokodesuka?"


A Lv1 Super Move, "Hells Flash MAX". Instead of shooting
towards the ground, it is shot directly towards the opponent.

Dynamite Crusher. Again, the name is from another one of 
Butoden's charge attacks, however here it is a Lv2 super throw.




Special Moves
Rocket Punch + WP or HP  (use 100 spirit)
Rocket Upper + WP or HP  (use W100・H150 spirit)
Shoulder Tackle + WK or HK  
Hell's Flash + WK or HK (use 150 spirit)
Hurricane Crash (When Close) + HP  
Super Drop Kick (During Jump) + WK or HK  

Special Techniques

Energy Charge HP + HK (hold down)  
High-Speed Dodge WP+WK or WP + WK (vulnerable to throws)
Cross Guard Bomber (during stand/crouch guard) WP + WK (Lv1 Hyper)

Super Moves

Hell's Flash MAX + HP (Lv1 Hyper)
Dynamite Crusher + HK (Lv2 Hyper)
Hell's Attack + HK (Lv3 Hyper)




From Bukuu Tougeki
"BGM 8"


Majita for the character sprites, and SFF alignments
Warusaki & Sumi for the supermove effects, and Nyankiryu for the robotic sound effects.
Sakuraka for the Customized AI.

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