Bristol Weller

The boss of Power Instinct 3 - Groove on Fight, before he turns into the Final Boss Devil Summoner form.
Apparently he is from the future to take over this world, and pulling out a gun in the middle of a fight shows he is a horrible villain.
For those who love Jackie Chan's "Drunken Master 2" or "Who am I ?", will likely appreciate his kicking style while wearing a suit.

Poor Damian gets killed in the intro, just like a scene from GOF.
The body stays there, so you can throw it against your opponent.

His Stress Shoot (Super Move), "Bloody Execution"uses a gun.
Such a shame that such a skillful fighter must resort to this.


If defeated in a "certain way", Damian survives, and apologizes to
the opponent. Must try if you feel bad for him every time he dies.

Hold down START button to use Matrimelee mode, which add special
effects to super moves, that make them easier to connect combos.



Get his Ending HERE

Special Moves
Single Shot + A or B or C  
Killer Mantis + A or B or C (Can During Dash)
Hunting Mantis  + A or B or C  

Combo Move

Winners Strike + X、 + Y、 + Z (Countinuously)

Special Techneque

Hard Smash  Z + C  
Intercept Guard  Y + B (Can in Air)
Stress Charge  X + A (Hold)  
Follow up (When Enemy is Down) A or B or C  
Corpse throw (Near Damian's Copse) Y or Z  
Throw (Near Enemy) or + Y or Z (Can in Air)

Stress Shoot

Bloody Execution + A or B or C (Use 1 Gauge)
Dual Attack + X or Y or Z (Use 2 Gauge)


2 separate AI patches have been created by both J.J and by Zagi.
They are both very well created, so choose for your own likings.

[AI Patch by Zagi]
Suitable for those who prefer to play 1P VS CPU.

[Patch by J.J]
For those who enjoy watching CPU VS CPU battle.




From Power Instinct 3 - Groove on Fight


Special thanks to
Character sprite rips by Kong
Mouser様 for Matrimelee effects & various codes.
Atlus for the original "Groove on Fight" ST-V & Saturn game.

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