Following Son Goku is Perfect Cell. Special thanks to MaJiTa for allowing Choujin to use the SFF file of his Beta version.
This char is heavily combo based, and can connect just about everything. Along with some pretty powerful super moves, you will probably lose friends if you use him in VS mode . . . as of the 04/20/07 update, a custom AI made by Heisei Senchi has been implemented,
which makes him quite a powerful boss character, but not too impossible to defeat.

Avoids Kamehameha with a barrier. One of Cell's main techneques.
When hit close, it is multi-hit & knocks down opponent, but uses Ki.

Kind of like Piccolo's Makan-Kou-Sappou + Frieza's Death Beam...
Causes blood effects which is not very common in a DBZ game...


An air Cho-Kamehameha with Wakamoto's super cool voice. Unlike
ground version, no multi-hit, but can hit opponents knocked down

Cell Junior Attack. This technique resembles Gotenk's famous move The representation effects has a JoJo-ish feel . . . 



Get DOS Patch from HERE

Special Moves
Kamehameha (can in air) + WP or HP  (use 100 spirit)
Energy Field + WP or HP (Use W100・H150 spirit)
Perfect Combination + WP or HP (repeat 4 times) (4th hit can be with kick button)
Perfect Attack + WK or HK  
Grand Slider + WK or HK (can use as 4th hit of P.Combo)
Jumping Drop (during jump) + WK or HK  
Energy Thrust + HP  (use 200 spirit)

Special Techniques

Energy Charge HP+HK(hold down)  
High-Speed Dodge WP+WK or WP+WK (vulnerable to throws)
Spike Buster (during stand/crouch guard) WP+WK (Lv1 Hyper)

Super Moves

Cho-Kamehameha (can in air) + HP (Lv1 Hyper)
Cell Junior Attack + HK (Lv2 Hyper)
Damn it ! ! + HK (Lv3 Hyper)



From the scene in the JPN TV version, where Cell smashes Android 16's head and Gohan snaps


Special thanks to Majita for the Cell SFF and remaining sprites,
Warusaki & Sumi for permission to use the Cho-Kamehameha effects.
Heisei Senchi for the Customized AI.

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