With moves that resembles Andy's Zaneiken, Kim's Hienzan, Ryo's Zanretsuken, Eiji's Ryueijin, Galford's Rush Dog, Genan's Madou Diving Claw,
he turned out to be a very SNK-ish character. He can cover his short range by absorbing projectiles, but may require practice geting used to.
Since his sprites were even smaller than that of Trunks's, it was once again required to stretch the Yscale, so Doubleres=4 is recomended.

Stinger Headbutt, which sends Android 19 flying like Galford's Puppy.
Dr.Gero wouldn't be any fun without his loyal creation helping him.

Absorbing projectiles is Android 20 & 19's well known ability.
WP will cure Life, while HP will reflect projectiles strait back..


Photon Wave, shoots a Lazer from his eyes. Both it's look and 
performance completely changes when used while in the air.

Dirty Trap. Just like the move's name, he uses metal chains
and Bombs set up as a trap. Use what ever it takes to win !




 Eye Beam (Can in Air) + WP or HP (use 100 spirit)
 Energy Absorb + WP or HP WP cures life gauge, HP reflects projectiles
 Bicchi Slap + WP or HP @
 Death Lancer + WP or HP Press + WP or HP when hit
 Death Spear + WK or HK Press + WK or HK when hit
 Stinger Headbutt + WK or HK WK sends 19 from above, HK will send forward


 Energy Charge   HP + HK (hold down) @
 High-Speed Dodge  WP + WK or WP + WK (vulnerable to throws)
 Bloody Dance (during stand/crouch guard) WP + WK  (Lv1 Hyper)


 Photon WaveiCan in Airj + HP  (Lv1 Hyper)
 Dirty Trap + HK  (Lv2 Hyper)
 Life Drain + HK  (Lv3 Hyper)




From Ultimate Battle 22 & Shin Butoden
"Zettai Zetsumei"


Special thanks to
Majita for most of the character sprites.
Zagi for the custom AI.

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