What the hell is Mugen?
Almost every 2D fighting game fan longly awaited the arrival of "Capcom VS SNK" and "SVC Chaos"
However, when it finally happened, many fans ended up being very disappointed by them.
Every one of these people must have thought something like this, 
"Those stupid idiots at Capcom and SNK! If I where the owner of the company, these games would have been much better!!"

Just for every one of you who experienced these kind of thoughts, these kick-ass folks called, ELECBYTE
created this extremely useful thing called, "M.U.G.E.N" witch will grant your dream via your personal computer.
that is right, this thing called "M.U.G.E.N" is capable of  recreating any 2D fighting game.

Just Like This

"Aahtatatatatata!!" VS "Mudamudamuda!!" wait a sec?

2VS2 simultaneous? & the hell kind of match up is this?

What the Damn Hell?!?!?!?

Basically it is a 2D fighting game engine which in the hands of a skilled creator, can create such games like in these pictures
(Creating a truly satisfying character can be long and tedious, however once the basics are understood, the rest should come naturally)

Street Fighter 3 VS Guilty Gear X, no problem

Mugen Tournament 3 Arranged

Like in these pics, such things as characters, stages, life-gauges, character select screen, BGM, CPU opponent order, endings are all 
customizable. Once completed, you can play them in this 2VS2 mode and totally raise some hell ! And if you think you're bad-ass, try 1VS2.

Use Super Combos in Street Fighter 1 !

Super Street Fighter 1?

and its all for FREE !! (the important part)

Originally created for DOS and LINUX, installing this was a complete pain in the ass, rendering it into something you always knew
about, but would rarely ever consider playing it. And before a Windows version was ever finished,  Elecbyte 
disappears off the face of the earth . . . However one day a very wise man named, "Ro-hei" hacked a beta version to complete Winmugen!

For those of you who are like, "Damn, I didn't know that !" Go here to Download WinMugen

Now there is nothing standing in the way of your MUGEN life.
at first there will only be this silly character named Kung-Fu-Man, however by searching various Mugen sites around the world, you can 
infinitely add new characters. If this is your first time doing so, you can start out searching from this site http://www.mugen-infantry.net


I know all this! Isn't there anything downloadable from THIS site?


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