Inspired by SUGIO's Madgear system, CHOUJIN (who happens to love zombie movies), surprised that somebody hasn't made one already,
 came up with a simpleton idea of making a Bonus Game using the Resident Evil monsters from Jill's special attacks in Marvel VS Capcom 2.
Since it was designed specifically for 1player mode, it is not recommended to be used in the recently so popular, CPU VS CPU watch mode.
Since AI will just ignore zombies, and start fighting some imaginary enemy, it is recommended adding to the Select.def as a CPU only character.


A Zombie laying face down from a sweep, can be followed up with
another sweep. But if you get too close, it will bite you on your foot.

Crows are weak one at a time, but are very irritating if surrounded
by other enemies. Finish them quickly with a strong anti-air attack.


Cerberus is quick, and has a painful jump attack, but can not hit you
while you're crouching. Crouch to avoid it's attacks at the right time.

After defeating a number of enemies in Round 2, Tyrant will fight you
1on1. His unblockable attacks, will also hit enemies still on the screen.




 When controlled by the Player
All enemies except for the Tyrant, can be summoned up to a total of 6 characters on screen.
However, once the Tyrant appears, they can no longer be summoned.

From the very beginning

X Button

 Normal Zombie  (Up to 6 on screen)

When life is under 50% during round 1,
and from the start of round 2 after loosing 1round.

Y Button  Crow (Up to 2 on screen)
A Button  Flaming Zombie  (Up to 2 on screen)
B Button  Cerbelus  (Up to 1 on screen)

When life is under 40% during the 2nd round, after losing the 1st round

Automatically appears

 Tyrant (Round ends when Tyrant dies)




From Biohazard/Resident Evil 1
"Sudden Attack"


Special thanks to
Character sprite rips by Kong
SUGIO for original "Madgear" system.
CAPCOM for Biohazard & Marvel VS Capcom 2 game.

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