A very wise man by the name of CCIron who has created tons of great Mugen characters,
has generously allowed Choujin to alter one of his incomplete creations, CCIGoku. 
Choujin attempted to make him play sort of like a mix between a MVC and GGX type character.

Use the Zanzou-Ken while blocking to teleport behind the opponent
and counter. During Kai-Oh-Ken, it will be followed by a smash.

KaiohKen x4 Kamehameha. When finish with, causes flashy effects.
Use of Kamehameha effect, given permission by Warusaki & Sumi.


Dragon Rush. After a Ranbu attack, finishes with a Genki-dama.
"Everyone lend me your strength ! !"

 Ryu-Ken from the final DBZ movie and GT series.
If done during Kai-Oh-Ken, something nice might happen . . .



Get DOS Patch from HERE

Special Moves
Kamehameha (can in air) + WP or HP  (use 100 spirit)
Ryu-Geki-Ken + WP or HP  
Abise-Geri + WK or HK  
Slashdown Kick (during jump) + WK or HK  
Meteor Smash (can in air) (during Kai-Oh-Ken) + HP  

Special Techniques

Energy Charge  HP+HK (hold down)  
High-Speed Dodge WP+WK or WP+WK (vulnerable to throws)
Zanzou-Ken (counter) (during stand/crouch guard) WP+WK (Lv1 Hyper)
Kai-Oh-Ken (can in air) + HP (Lv1 Hyper)

Super Moves

Cho-Kamehameha (can in air) + HP (Lv1 Hyper)
Dragon Rush + HK (Lv2 Hyper)
Ryu-Ken + HK (Lv3 Hyper)




From Idainaru DB Densetsu


This character was originally CCIGoku created by CCIron, which was given permission to Choujin to alter.
Very Special thanks to CCIron for his generosity, and to Warusaki & Sumi for permission to use the Kamehameha effects.
Sakuraka for the Customized AI.

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