Want to fix a character's voice from stopping during a special move !


If you have ever tried using Cell from here before, you have probably already noticed,
if using his Lv3 Super move, "Damn it!" at close range, his voice will often get cut off while it is hitting his opponent. 

In order to fix this from happening, first open up the mugen.cfg in the data folder with notepad,

and change
WavChannels = 12
WavChannels = 16

and then,
ModVoices = 6
ModVoices = 8

Now by magic, all of the sudden the sound does not get cut off any more !
These numbers sets how many sound files the Mugen system can play at the same time,
so raising this number will more likely prevent the sounds from getting cut off.

Although this drastically improves the sound from getting cut off, it may still get cut off very occasionally, so if that happens, just think of it as bad luck


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