A Super Saiyan turned Son Goku. The difference between Normal Goku is that the EX moves from the Kai-oh-ken mode and Meteor Smash
are now used freely, but Kamehameha can no longer be rapidly repeated. And also has a new Teleport move and a Teleport-Kamehameha.
A SSJ2 mode suggested by Ironmugen is also in consideration, but since I am both lazy and not enough good ideas, it is being postponed . . .

When turning SSJ, the Ki energy also turns from blue to yellow.
 Despite the loss of Kaiohken, use of the EX moves are unlimited.

SSJ Goku's trademark, the teleportation. Unlike the HS-dodge,
the vulnerability is only at the beginning and the end of the move.


The famous "Teleport-Kamehameha" from the battle against Cell.
Although, it may be a little difficult to use effectively in combos . . .

SSJ awakened by negative energy of "anger" Kaiohken&Genkidama
can not be used. Thus finishes the DR with a Cho-Kamehameha.



Get DOS Patch from HERE

Kamehameha (can in air) + WP or HP  (use 100 spirit)
Ryu-Geki-Ken + WP or HP  
Abise-Geri + WK or HK  
Slashdown Kick (during jump) + WK or HK  
Meteor Smash (can in air) (during Kai-Oh-Ken) + HP  
Teleportation + WK or HK (use 50 spirit)


Energy Charge  HP+HK (hold down)  
High-Speed Dodge WP+WK or WP+WK (vulnerable to throws)
Zanzou-Ken (counter) (during stand/crouch guard) WP+WK (Lv1 Hyper)


Teleport-Kamehameha (can in air) + HP (Lv1 Hyper)
Cho-Kamehameha (can in air) + HP (Lv1 Hyper)
Dragon Rush + HK (Lv2 Hyper)
Ryu-Ken + HK (Lv3 Hyper)




From Ultimate Battle 22 & Shin Butoden
"Genkai Super Saiyajin 3"


Majita for the character sprites,
Warusaki & Sumi for the supermove effect,
and Ironmugen for the original CCI Goku + special KO code.
Murder License Wakamoto for the custom A.I.

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