Are you part of a "team"?


At least not that I am aware of.
I often receive e-mails and messages (mostly by English speakers) concerning  the works or a "project" by some "team" that  I am
supposedly thought to be a part of, which I have no idea how this got started. They usually seem to be about a group named "dbzdream".

I only make Mugen characters on my free time, and occasionally receive voluntary help offered by acquainted AI coders or sprite editors.
PLEASE do NOT ask me about any projects concerning a dbzdream or any other team, because I will have no idea what it is about.

I am aware there are creators who have made characters using codes, sprites, sounds from my characters, which are open source,
and some who have emulated the "style" of my creations which I am generally flattered by, and have absolutely no problem with.

However, regarding my self being involved in some "project" started by others,
please understand that I will have absolutely no idea what it could be about,
as all e-mails concerning other "groups" or "teams" will be deleted unanswered from now on.


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