Since the original sprites were rather small in comparison, the Yscale was  stretched vertically to fit with the others.
However, it causes problems in the detail of the face, so although he is not a Hi-res char, it is recommended to play in Doubleres=4.
Since he is a weapon character, his attacks have strong priority, and should be rather easy for beginners to get used to.

The counter move that killed Mecha-Frieza in seconds . . . 
Unfortunately, it does not chop the enemy into half or pieces.

"Burning Attack", which is a Butoden original name. The voice 
effect from part2 was used, which sounded the most powerful.


Shining Sword Attack. The effects taken from Hizumi's Supermove
from Groove on Fight. The whole reason this chracter was created.

Finish Buster, also a Butoden original name, but is no longer a
projectile, but the move that killed imperfect Cell in the Manga.




Special Moves
Aura Blade (Can in Air) + WP or HP (use 100 spirit)+(follow WP with HP)
Baku-Ken-Ha + WP or HP  
Tornado Breaker + HP (WP or HP while close to opponent
Burning Slash + WK or HK  
Brave Sword + WK or HK  
Lightning Smash (during jump) + WP or HP  

Special Techniques

Energy Charge   HP + HK (hold down)  
High-Speed Dodge  WP + WK or  WP + WK (vulnerable to throws)
Slash Break (during stand/crouch guard) WP + WK (Lv1 Hyper)

Super Moves

Burning Attack (Can in Air) + HP (Lv1 Hyper)
Shining Sword Attack + HK (Lv2 Hyper)
Finish Buster + HK (Lv3 Hyper)




From Ultimate Battle 22 & Shin Butoden


Special thanks to
Sprites ripped by Majita, and for the custom slash effects.
Ironmugen for special VS intro voice samples.
Warusaki & Sumi for the supermove effects.
Murder License Wakamoto for the custom A.I.

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