How to keep selectable characters as Zipped files

This file allows you to keep your characters Zipped while in the character folder, so you don't have to unzip every character you download.
All you have to do is overwrite the zlib.dll file that is in the main folder (with the mugen.exe) with this one.
This should save you loads of HDD space on your computer.


There is 3 things to remember

1 When you add  your character in the select.def, make sure you also add a ".zip" at the end of the character's name.
ex:  [Characters], stages/kfm.def
Do NOT leave the character inside a folder when you zip it.
If the character has sub-folders such as "states" etc, these sub-folders can be left alone.
If the character is still not recognized, it is because the last line in it's CNS file does not have a brake line.
Just open the character's CNS file with Notepad, and go to the very bottom-end and press enter, then save it.
(This file was found in a forum that no longer exists that was in a language that Choujin could not even read. And it is now being shared here for the better of the world, however since the "Mugen Community" has some SUPER strict rules about uploading files without permission, if any problems occur, this file will be deleted immediately)

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